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Let's work together and bring Our Taberna products to life for customers everywhere. We are committed to developing and maintaining effective professional relationships with our suppliers.

How to connect?

Once you have created an account, starting by clicking on Log in, you will receive an email confirmation. If you have ticked the box to become a seller, we will need to approve your request.  This can take up to two working days. You will receive notification when this has been done. From here, as an approved Our Taberna seller, you will be able to go on to adding your products. Read our terms and conditions before doing so.

  • Click “new products”
  • For attribute set choose default, and for product type choose simple. Then click continue
  • Choose one or more categories, and please be specific when making your category selection. Fill in the following: - Product name, Description, Short description, Specifications, and Notes
  • Continue filling in the following:
  • SKU (Stock keeping unit, a unique identifier for each distinct product and service that can be purchased in business)
  • You can leave special price blank, but if you want to give a special price, you should fill in special price from and special price to (dates) to define a period when this price is active
  • Stock: the amount you have physically available to sell
  • Stock availability
  • Weight (fill in a number in your own national unit of measurement)
  • Choose a very nice photo that shows the product perfectly, and select the base image. Press save<
  • The product is added, so now click on “My products list”

After we have made our own check, we will publish your product. In future, this will be done automatically. We look forward to communicating with you, and reading a few sentences on how you do business and what unique approach you (could) bring to the retail market, including retail experience and revenue.

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